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Practice Areas for The Law Office of Vanessa Williams

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Business & Contract Law

Business law is the collection of legal requirements around forming, operating, dissolving, and engaging with business. Our firm can help whether you are thinking of opening your own business, transitioning from sole proprietor to LLC or corporation, creating business agreements and contracts, or simply wanting to close the business. We will assist you throughout the steps such as drafting incorporating documents and business license application.

Who might need Business & Contract Law assistance? Current and future business owners.

Fee Range: $225 -$1,750

Commercial & Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves the area of law concerned with the liability of individuals, businesses, and other organizations, for which damages or compensation and other remedies may be awarded. There can be many technicalities and aspects involved in the process of litigation which may require you to hire a professional to represent you or your business. We represent the clients throughout the litigation procedure from investigations, discovery, trial and even settlements.

Who might need Business & Contract Law assistance? Current and future business owners.

Fee Range: $225 -$10,000

Administrative Law

Administrative law governs the creation and operation of government agencies. Our firm was counsel for the federal receivership over Guam Solid Waste for several years until its completion in 2019.

Who might need Admin Law assistance? Government entities and those who have matters involving the government of Guam.

Fee Range: $225 -$2,500

Real Estate Law

Real estate law governs those who may own and use land. Real estate may be either residential or commercial. We can assist with deed of gift, selling and buying real estate, or any matter affecting title to property.

Who might need Real Estate Law assistance? Land and building owners.

Fee Range: $225 -$2,500

Employment Law

Employment law, also known as labor law, governs employer and employee relationship. It consists of a wide array of state and federal statutes. We can assist both employees and employers with conflicts regarding violation of rights and breach of contracts.

Who might need Employment Law assistance? Employees and employers.

Fee Range: $225 -$2,500

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Health Care Law

Health care is very important to each and everyone in the community. Health law is a vast body of law that regulates provisions of healthcare services. This can include medical malpractice and health insurance fraud.

Who might need Health Care Law assistance? Everyone.

Fee Range: $225 -$10,000

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual’s assets in the event of their incapacitation or death. Some matters we can assist clients with include probate, creating deeds and settlement of estate taxes.

Who might need Estate Planning assistance? Everyone; Administrator of Estate.

Fee Range: Starts at $225

Construction Law

It is the combination of areas of law that apply to construction work. Our firm is well versed in a large variety of law needed in construction law such as contract law.

Who might need Construction Law assistance? Those who are in the construction field/business.

Fee Range: Starts at $225

Non-Profit Law

Nonprofit corporation means that they are not allowed to allocate corporate income to shareholders. Our firm can assist in the application for tax-exemption and establishment of non-profit organizations.

Who might need Non-Profit Law assistance? Everyone.

Fee Range: $225 -$2,000

Procurement Law

Procurement laws are rules and processes to be followed for all forms of public procurement. Our office has been successful in procurement appeals by various businesses against a government entity.

Who might need Procurement Law assistance? Business owners.

Fee Range: $225 -$2,000

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